Actors, executives, teachers, lawyers, politicians... these are all people who might seek out voice coaching.  Truly, this work is for anyone who wants to improve their ability to communicate clearly, passionately and affectively.


Do you find yourself losing your voice or becoming hoarse?  Do you have problems being heard?  By letting go of unnecessary tension and learning to use only the physical effort that is essential, it's possible to cultivate a voice that is powerful, flexible and expressive.  As an Associate Teacher of  Fitzmaurice Voicework®, Kris draws upon this work often but uses other approaches depending on the needs of the student.  


Breath is the foundation of voice.  Going a step further, it's the foundation of effective, compelling communication.  Uninhibited breath is essential to healthy vocal function but it's also the key to accessing impulse and emotion and to being fully present, whether on stage, in an office or at home.  







A dynamic voice is only useful if it is understood by those who hear it.  In working on speech, we are sharpening the use of the articulators in order to facilitate clearer communication on the part of the speaker.  This is all in service of clearer understanding on the part of the listener.  


Some people may wish to alter their native speech for a variety of reasons.  It could be an actor learning a role, someone with a strong regional sound wanting to acquire a more neutral quality of speech or a non-native English speaker wanting to achieve a more 'American sound'.  In all these cases, it boils down to what might be called 'choreography of the mouth.'  By teaching the muscles involved in speech to function differently, any of these goals is possible.












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