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Kris is the best voice teacher I have ever worked with. After every session I could hear and feel improvements with my voice. She helped me expand my range to places I never thought it could go. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with her, TAKE IT! 

- Katie (student of 1 year)

"Kris has a way of knowing my voice better than I know it myself.  She certainly led me to finding my true voice and healthiest voice.  Her background in performance along with her expertise in all things vocal (speaking and singing) promises an effectively holistic approach to singing." - Rachel  (student of 4 years)

"I love working with Kris! She integrates anatomical explanations with imagery and intuition to best serve my vocal needs, and makes new techniques like Fitzmaurice approachable and applicable to singing, acting, and everyday life. Kris is a wonderful teacher and studying with her has been nvaluable. I'd recommend working with her to anyone seeking an encouraging, challenging opportunity for vocal growth" - Sara (student of 3 years)

"As someone who once went to speech therapy for my R sounds, thanks to Kris, I can now confidently speak in many dialects, including Standard RP, Polish, Central Texas, Russian and General American. I have experienced tremendous growth in my singing, overall vocal production, and knowledge of voice and speech since working with Kris. Not only is she delightful to work with, but also her teaching is clear, direct and dynamic to help you get the best results without using what isn't necessary."  - Nikki (former student of 3 years)


"The great thing about working with Kris is her ability to adjust to the needs of her students.  She has a natural talent for working with people, especially beginners, and she is very good at explaining the concepts of the voice.  I would highly recommend working with Kris.  She genuinely understands the voice."  - Jim (student of 3 years)


"Kris is a phenomenal instructor. Her grasp on dialects and IPA is spectacular, and she teaches it in a way that is easily understood and learned by anyone. I wouldn't be the actor I am today, were it not for her expert training and support"

- Keegan ( former student of 3 years)

"I worked with Kris in preparation for a very challenging acting role that required screaming, crying and abrupt emotional reversals.  Kris’ instruction helped me understand not only the mechanics of my voice, but also the significance in how breath and physical awareness make me more emotionally available as an actor.  Kris worked with me in developing an awareness of my breath and vocal quality and understanding how the two are interrelated.  As a result, my range increased and my vocal strain was eliminated." - Kerry (student, coached for 3 months) 

"I would be a fraction of the performer I am without Kris. Everything she gave me was clear, concise, and above all thought-provoking. Her work with voice in particular clarified so much for me not just as an actor and singer, but also in my day to day life. After my lessons with her I found myself physically relaxed, mentally calm, and most importantly motivated to go home and work even harder. Kris also encourages positive outlooks on life, and is just a wonderful person to be around. Kris went above and beyond for me as a professor, and I will value her as a mentor for the rest of my life. You cannot go wrong with this teacher." - Will (student of 4 years)


"It was a privilege and an honor to have Kris as my voice teacher, I cherish the time I got to spend as her student and will forever be grateful for the wisdom and skill she imparted upon me.  Kris challenged me every step of the way, helping me grow as a vocalist while also making sure that I did so in a healthy and productive way. I have grown so much as a person, a student, and a vocalist in just a few months under her wing." - Alex (student of 1 year)



"Kris is a very engaging instructor and very comfortable to work with.  I have worked with her on musical productions as well as on dialects.  Her instruction and training has continued to help me throughout my budding career in NYC.  I have used her training both in auditions and performance jobs beyond my college education."  - Alexa (student of 3 years)


Kris is one of the best voice teachers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Within a year my voice had improved immensely because she was able to help me sharpen and fine tune my technique. I also learned so much about acting through song from her! She creates the absolute best environment to collaborate and grow in. She’s incredible!

- Sarah (student of 1 year)

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